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Poshmark Activity Monthly Subscription - 1,000 self-shares/day

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The monotony...the finger cramps...the time wasted!
Poshmark activity is an essential part of being able to get your items in front of the eyes of potential buyers, but sometimes it feels like there are so many more productive things you could be doing with your time...like shopping and shipping!??¨
Let us take care of the daily grind of self-sharing, following other sellers/buyers, and community sharing.??¨Pick the plan that is best for your size closet and let us do the rest! Packages will renew the 1st of each month.??¨
  • 500 shares/day package includes 100 follows and 100 community shares daily
  • 1,000 shares/day package includes 200 follows and 200 community shares daily
  • 2,500 shares/day package includes 350 follows and 350 community shares daily
  • 5,000 shares/day package includes 500 follows and 500 community shares daily
  • 10,000 shares/day package includes 1,000 follows and 1,000 community shares daily
**The shares and follows will be spaced out throughout the most active times of the day to give your??¨closet??¨the biggest sales boost possible.**

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