I started Newish, Inc. over 10 years ago in a spare bedroom of my house. I have had a love for vintage clothes since childhood and would spend my free time scouring the racks of my local consignment and thrift stores. I started to realize that besides vintage, there were a lot of other hidden treasures out there! 

I hated the idea of these well-made, new-looking, brand name clothes potentially filling our landfills when they could be in the hands of someone looking for that exact item!

After buying a beautiful Dolce & Gabbana blazer (pretty good find for my first purchase!) and selling it to an excited buyer, I was hooked! Since then, I have built a clothes- and deal-loving team. We have sold a Pucci nightgown to an English Lady, a designer gown to be worn to a presidential inauguration and many pieces to be used in various plays and TV shows....as well as fulfilling tens of thousands of orders from wonderful buyers excited to be getting name brand clothes for 60-95% off the manufacturer's price.

We have since moved to a spacious office, but I still spend my days shopping to find the best pre-loved pieces that the Southeast has to offer. Hopefully we have that one item that you have been looking for!